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Now we are including in the samples our New Clear Security Holograms! These pressure sensitive, self-adhesive overlays can be applied over an ID Cards, signatures and seals on documents and become more and more popular. Using clear security holograms is the absolute for documents authentication and forgery prevention. More images are in the slide show on the top of the page.

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If you want samples just to understand what security hologram is we will send to you pack of samples that we have on special. This payment is fully refundable with yours first order.

If you are serious and want to understand what type and which security hologram will better fit to your project we will send you full pack of samples and include Bonus. This payment is not refundable.

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Security Holograms can provide a total solution against counterfeiting and forgeries for your products and documents.

All of our holograms are guaranteed defect-free and are highly durable, plus some are covered in a special coating that prevents unauthorized copying even with special equipment.

Since not all products need the same level of security, holograms are developed specifically to fit your application requirements. Our security holograms are produced from a wide range of materials, including polyester and foil. Your logo, pictures and text can also be in the hologram.

Because each security hologram is unique, prices vary and depend on type, size and quantity ordered. To receive an accurate estimate based on your product's needs, visit our Quote Request page today. If you have any questions while completing the form, simply click on the "Help" links for assistance.

* Fee covers shipping and production costs for the samples

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New Products - New Ideas!

Some samples of our work

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Specially designed Custom heat seal laminating pouches with transparent holographic image. Can be use to laminate ID badges, membership cards, parking permits, passes and documents. Insert PVC cards, synthetic imprinted papers or plain paper. Add holographic images, UV readable or optically readable coating along with serial numbers to protect what you need to be most secure. Our New Technology allows to manufacture custom holographic pouches in many sizes up to 10.6" x 19.7" (270mm x 500mm) with a minimum quantity of 2,000... »»

This is a fast and less expensive alternative to fully custom security holograms with a higher level of security. These semi-custom holograms can be purchased in quantities of 500-1,000 and can be overprinted with your Logo, text, or sequential serial numbers in the color of your choice. These semi-custom features are overlaid on our stock security holograms. Just click on Semi-Custom Security Holograms Link below, carefully choose size and options you want to use in overprinting. Upload your Logo, type your text, starting serial number, or all together and we will create your semi-custom security... »»

In order to make Custom Security Holograms, we need to create a Master Hologram for your first 2D/3D Custom Security Holograms order. These holograms may include your logo, text, symbols as well as any other information in dimension layers mastered and registered to your name. The pricing includes artwork preparation in any language, laser origination, recombine and nickel shim work. Our Art Department will work closely with you until you are completely satisfied with the product. We offer your choice of Silver, Gold or Transparent Security Holograms, permanent adhesive, paper liner in sheets or rolls. Security Hologram Stickers are self-destructible when... »»

We carry stock security holograms which can be found in different shapes and sizes. This is the least expensive option and can be purchased in any quantity. Security Hologram Stickers, are self destructible when removed. STEP UP IN SECURITY! Stock security holograms with serial numbers. These serial numbers are unique and we never repeat them. You can order them... »»

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