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   SHID-02 HOLOGRAPHIC ID OVERLAY Transparent Valid Authentic Secure Genuine Two Eagles & Globe with Micro Secure Technology

Size (in): 3.268" x 2.008"
Size (mm): 83.007x51.003 mm
Shape: Rectangle

Our holographic transparent ID overlays are specifically designed to upgrade and improve security of your existing plastic or paper ID cards. Holographic image allows a clear view of ID card information. ID overlays prevent photocopying and forgeries. Self adhesive and easy to apply.To add in the Shopping Cart, choose your quantity of Hologram Stickers in the table below, or type your custom quantity.

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Quantity Price (per item)
Sample 5.000
5 3.000
25 1.820
50 1.620
100 1.410
300 1.270
500 0.980
1000 0.770
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